How Your Mouth Could Be Showing Dangers Of Serious Illnesses

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Most people are aware that looking inside the mouth can give away clues about diet and lifestyle, but did you know that your mouth can show warning signs of serious general health problems? Dentists often say that the mouth is a window to the rest of the body and research suggests that oral health and general health are closely linked.

Dr Sameer Patel, from Elleven Dental, London, said that even minor dental issues can indicate potentially serious health problems. Bad breath, a very common issue, which affects most people from time to time, is usually a side-effect of poor oral hygiene, but in cases where an individual has good oral hygiene, it can indicate stomach disorders and even liver disease.

Dry mouth, which occurs when there is a lack of saliva in the mouth, may be a sign of diabetes, while recurrent or slow-healing mouth ulcers can be symptomatic of oral cancer, a form of cancer, which is becoming increasingly common in the UK.

Stress usually affects sleep patterns, as well as your mood, but if you have worn teeth or you wake up with headaches or pain in and around the jaw, this may be a sign that you’ve been grinding your teeth. Bruxism, the medical name for tooth grinding, is often caused by anxiety and stress and is most commonly diagnosed in people who have high power, stressful jobs and those who have certain character traits, such as being a perfectionist and being highly-strung.

Dr Patel’s advice is to keep an eye on your mouth and to see a dentist if you notice any changes or you develop symptoms, such as recurrent ulcers, bleeding gums and swelling. He also advised keeping up to date with routine check-ups.

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