Hinckley Dental Duo Return From Tanzania

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A dentist and dental nurse from Hinckley have returned from a charity trip to Tanzania. Dentist, Kishen Davda and nurse, Becky Snelgrove spent two weeks in Tanzania as part of a project organised by Bridge2Aid.

Kishen and Becky, from Station Road Dental Practice, visited Tanzania to support the work of dental charity, Bridge2Aid, which helps to train dental workers so that they are able to provide basic dental care to people living in remote communities in the country. The charity has been working in Tanzania since 2002 and more than 200 dental workers have been trained since; this means that an estimated 1.7 million people can now see a dentist.

Some people live up to 500 kilometres from a dentist and the more dental workers the charity can train, the better.

Kishen and Becky, who have been at the Hinckley practice for two and thirteen years respectively, visited sites in Kishogo and Buzi; they spent three days working on theory and preparing for training and then six days providing one-to-one training.

Kishen has already visited Tanzania. He travelled to Muamba in 2011 and Becky has said that would be interested in returning to the country to do more charity work. She said that the experience was “a definite eye-opener” and added that she would do it all again.

The duo raised £3,000 to fund the trip and practice manager, Helen Green, thanked all those who donated.

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