Highlands dental practices encourage patients to join recycling drive

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Dental practices in the Highlands are encouraging patients to get involved in an initiative to recycle common dental products and supplies.

Clyde Munro, Scotland’s largest dental chain, has introduced new schemes to recycle dental waste in partnership with Phillips and TerraCycle. Practices belonging to the group, including Invergordon Dental Practice, Inshes Dental Centre, Torwood Dental Practice, McIntyre Corbett and Associates of Dingwall, Glencoe Dental Centre and M&S Dental Care, are now offering patients and local residents the opportunity to recycle items such as brush heads.

The Phillips Dental Care Recycling Programme was launched to try and reduce dental waste and encourage practices all over the UK to recycle supplies and get patients on board. The initiative with TerraCycle focuses on ‘hard-to-recycle’ items.

Under the scheme, patients can drop products, including electric toothbrush heads and covers, floss containers and holders, electric flosser nozzles and interdental brushes into their local practice for recycling. Collection points will be placed at every reception, enabling patients to bring their old dental items with them when they attend appointments.

Chief operating officer at Clyde Munro, Fiona Wood, said that the scheme offers an opportunity to recycle items that are not recyclable at home, which means that less plastic will end up in landfill. Working with Phillips and TerraCycle will enable Clyde Munro dental professionals and patients to recycle common dental items and products. The teams are hoping that patients will get on board and start filling the collection boxes.

In addition to doing their bit for the environment, Clyde Munro practices will also receive a payment from TerraCycle, which will be donated to the chain’s charity partner, Alzheimer Scotland.

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