Henry Schein Announces Face the Challenge winners

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Henry Schein Minerva has revealed the competition winners selected from hundreds of dentists who took up the company’s Face the Challenge concept.

The firm confirmed that hundreds of practices across the UK had embraced Face the Challenge and that those practices purchased from at least three branches of Henry Schein Minerva’s Practice-Building areas were automatically entered into a competition to win holiday vouchers.

The draw for the vouchers and additional prizes, including iPads, Nintendo games consoles and store vouchers, was carried out by Dhru Shah, dentist and owner of the Dentinal Tubules website.

The lucky winners were Dr Annalize Van Zyl from The Dental Practice, Shoreham-on-Sea and Dr Suganthy Suthagar from Courtlands Dental Practice in Gloucester. They won £7,000 and £3,000 worth of holiday vouchers respectively.

Kris Wagland, marketing manager at Henry Schein Minerva, said that it was great to reward dentists who had embraced the concept of Face the Challenge.


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