Healthy 27-year-old shares cancer journey after visiting a doctor with mouth ulcer he thought was harmless

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A fit and healthy 27-year-old has shared his story of battling aggressive cancer after going to the doctor with a lingering mouth ulcer he assumed was harmless.

Dayle Gordon, from Victoria, Australia, visited his doctor late in 2019 after noticing that a mouth ulcer had been around for a long time. Initially, he was told that the ulcer was nothing to worry about, but further investigations revealed that Dayle had an aggressive form of cancer, which had originated in the tongue.

Dayle underwent surgery to remove half of his tongue along with 50 lymph nodes. His surgery was followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy and he started to show signs of recovery. Dayle had PET tests to track his progress and monitor his condition every three months. Sadly, at the end of 2020, he developed a lump in his neck, which had to be surgically removed, as it had grown onto an artery located near the brain. Earlier this year, Dayle was informed that his cancer was terminal after doctors detected a spot on his heart.

During surgery to remove the tumour in the heart, doctors identified another mass and suggested that the only course of action left to try was radiation therapy to target other tumours found in the neck and heart.
Dayle’s partner, Taylah, has supported him throughout the journey and she is now raising money for treatment through GoFundMe. The page has already generated donations worth over $55,000.

Mouth ulcers that take a long time to heal can be a sign of oral cancer and are one of the most recognisable signs of mouth cancer. Dental experts recommend regular routine check-ups and encourage patients to seek advice as soon as possible if they have ulcers for longer than 2 weeks.

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