Health Visitors to Hand Out Free Dental Kits for Babies in North West Leicestershire

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All babies undergoing their four month checks will be given a free dental kit by health visitors as part of a new initiative in North West Leicestershire.

The new kits, which contain a baby toothbrush with soft bristles, baby toothpaste and some leaflets with advice about keeping children’s teeth clean, will be given out at four month checks in Measham, Ashby, Blackfordby and the surrounding villages.

The scheme is a new initiative set up by Leicestershire County Council and it is run by the public health team. It has been launched to coincide with National Smile Month, which begins on 18th May and ends on 18th June, but will continue long after the annual campaign has come to an end.

Councillor Ernie White explained that the new scheme is part of a long-term vision to improve standards of oral health among children in the county and it will hopefully encourage parents to start thinking about oral health at an early stage.

The council has also taken the opportunity to promote the key messages from National Smile Month as part of the launch, encouraging the people of Leicestershire to brush their teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste, maintain a healthy diet with limited sugar consumption and attend frequent dental check-ups.

More information about the scheme is available at

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