Health committee calls for improved access to dental services in Bury

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A health committee in Bury has called for improved access to NHS dental treatment. Representatives from Bury Clinical Commissioning Group are eager for more services to be made available to patients, especially children.

Members of the group’s committee have spoken out following a visit from NHS England’s Head of Primary Care Operation, Ben Squires. After the meeting, which chair of Patient Cabinet, David McCann described as “very successful”, calls were made to try and improve access to NHS dental care for the town’s youngsters. Mr McCann, who is also a lay member for patient and public involvement, said that he felt Bury would benefit from more dentists.

Mr Squires suggested that it was difficult to evaluate provision in the area because information is only available from NHS dental practices and it’s not clear how many patients are accessing services at private clinics.

Mr McCann suggested that the most recent statistics indicate that the level of attendance is steady, but claims that more people would see a dentist on a regular basis if it was easier to get an appointment in Bury. Figures show that around 58 percent of Bury patients have seen an NHS dentist in the last two years. Although Mr McCann admits that there have been major improvements in recent years, this is an area, which health boards and groups are eager to focus on and ensure that trends continue in the right direction.

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