Health bosses launch enquiry following difficulties recruiting dentists in North Yorkshire

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Health bosses in Yorkshire have launched an enquiry after experiencing difficulties recruiting new dentists to work in North Yorkshire.

Members of the scrutiny of health committee at North Yorkshire council will work with NHS England and Health Education England to ascertain potential reasons why it’s proving difficult to recruit dentists in the area, and why dental practices are giving up their NHS contracts. Just recently, a clinic in Catterick announced that it was no longer able to fulfil the requirements of its NHS contract, leaving local residents fearing for the future. The issue of recruitment has also been discussed with the Dental Deanery to see if improvements can be made in offering training places and jobs for local students and graduates.

This is not the first time councillors have raised concerns about a shortage of dentists in the area. It is hoped that a meeting with other health professionals and boards will succeed in identifying both short-term and long-term solutions in a bid to improve access to NHS dental services for North Yorkshire residents.

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