Havant dentist to open for emergency appointments to reduce pressure on local hospital

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A dentist from Havant is opening his private clinic for emergency appointments in a bid to reduce pressure on local hospital services. 

Amir Moughadam, from the Prince George Dental Practice, is preparing to open for urgent appointments to prevent patients who need emergency treatment from visiting the Queen Alexandra Hospital. 

Mr Moughadam is hoping that providing urgent services will enable patients to get the help they need without visiting the hospital, which is likely to be under increased pressure as the number of coronavirus cases in the area rises. Dental practices have been advised to cancel routine appointments meaning that many dentists have more time on their hands. 

Speaking about the offer, Mr Moughadam said that the aim was to discourage dental patients from going to hospital. The caring dentist, who was born in Iran, said that even if he only treats 50 people in the coming weeks, this prevents 50 patients from visiting the local hospital. Health workers across the NHS and private sector are working together to free up beds, equipment and staff to ensure that as many patients can be treated as possible. 

Mr Moughadam said that he had taken the decision to provide urgent services because he loves the UK and he wants to do his bit to help at a time of crisis. He is now searching for a receptionist and a dental nurse to volunteer to work with him in the coming weeks.

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