Harlingen VA dental surgery expands

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The Harlingen Department of Veteran Affairs dental clinic is expanding to increase the number of patients it can treat.

The dental clinic is taking on more members of staff to enable a greater number of veterans to benefit from their services. The clinic opened in November 2008 with one dentist; soon one full-time and one part-time dentist will join the clinic and the facility will be expanded to provide extensive dental services and create more space.

The opening of the dental clinic has made a huge difference to veterans living in the local area; previously, veterans from Rio Grande had to travel to San Antonio for dental appointments.

Veteran Luis Perez said the facility was modern, bright and professional and praised the work of the staff; he admitted that he had been slightly apprehensive about going to a VA dental clinic but claimed that his experience at the Harlingen clinic had been enjoyable.

Medical facilities are also being improved in the area and patients will soon be able to benefit from a brand new outpatients clinic.



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