Harley Street Practice Manager Set for Dental Mission to Tanzania

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A Harley Street dental practice manager is set to visit Tanzania, to brush up on her nursing skills and help hundreds of people in need.

Louise Scott, manager of Davies and Associates, has been given two weeks off to fly to Tanzania, to help out on a mission organised by dental charity, Bridge2Aid. Louise is a trained dental nurse and has also worked as an oral health educator and views the Tanzania trip as a perfect opportunity to brush up on her nursing skills and spread the word about the importance of oral health.

Louise is due to embark on the journey to Tanzania on the 13th February. She said that she had wanted to get involved with Bridge2Aid for a while but had not had the opportunity. Now, she has the green light to take time off work and she is raring to go.

During the two week trip, Louise will be joining forces with other dental volunteers to provide pain relief and treatment for hundreds of people living in rural communities. The team will also take time to distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste and will show children and adults how to brush their teeth and talk to them about the importance of good oral hygiene.

Bridge2Aid is a dental charity, which was established to provide much-needed dental equipment, training and treatment to people living in very poor communities in Tanzania. Every year, groups of volunteers participate in programmes and raise money to help those in need of treatment in the country.


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