Hackney council teams up with Orthodox leaders to tackle tooth decay crisis among Charedi children

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Hackney Council is working with leaders in the Jewish Orthodox community to tackle a tooth decay crisis among young Charedi children.
According to figures from Public Health England, rates of dental decay among Charedi children are significantly higher than children from other backgrounds within the local community. The body suggests that just 20% of Charedi children brush their teeth twice a day.
In light of the crisis, members of the Charedi Health Forum are working with the local council to improve oral health education and encourage parents and children to adopt better dental hygiene habits. The public health team at the council has been working on initiatives, including community-based awareness activities.
Rabbi Avroham Pinter, chair of the forum, said that several local schools have shown an interest in hosting activities and getting involved in educational schemes, and many had already hosted informative sessions for parents and children. The next step the council and the forum want to take is to provide brushing demonstrations in nurseries. Another option is supervised brushing, which would ensure that children brush their teeth at least once a day.

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