Gwent Dental Student Prepares For Charity Mission In Ghana

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A dental student from Gwent is preparing for a charity trip to Ghana. Twenty-two year old Natasha Kirmani will be part of a team of students from Cardiff University visiting Africa to help people who struggle to access even the most basic dental care.

Natasha is currently fundraising and has a target of £1,500 to reach to pay for the trip. She is in her fourth year of university and will be visiting rural villages in the African country as part of a team of dental volunteers. The dental team will be travelling to remote villages to provide people with basic dental care.

At the moment, there are only 200 dentists in the whole of the country and with a population of 24 million, this means that the ratio of dentists to patients is extremely low. Most of the dentists are based in Accra and dental care is really only accessible to the country’s wealthiest people. Poorer people living in more remote areas rarely see a dentist and face a lengthy trip in the event that they do need treatment.

Natasha said that she has always wanted to take part in a charity mission and is looking forward to using her skills to help those who are less fortunate.

The trip has been organised by Global Brigades and will represent the third annual trip for the Cardiff University students. In the last three years alone, students have helped more than 500 people and educated more than 800 children, teaching them basic skills, such as brushing their teeth.

The group is set to travel over the Easter holidays.

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