Grinding in the night can ‘flatten teeth’

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Individuals who grind their teeth as they sleep – a condition known as sleep bruxism – may seeks cosmetic dental treatment to correct damage caused by the problem, reports Arabian Business.

According to the news provider, many sufferers do not realise they are grinding their teeth until it causes fractures and erosion leading to a flattening of teeth.

It also reports that the American Dental Association has estimated that 95 per cent of adults are affected by the condition at some time in their lives.

"Be alert for incisors that display chipped and flattened incisal edges," warns Arabian Business. "As this wear develops, with an accompanying loss of vertical dimension, it can have a destructive impact on the entire dentition."

Other symptoms of the condition include dull headaches and a sore jaw after sleeping, it claims, and suggests that with a range of treatments and prevention measures available, sufferers can avoid the problem by treating it early.

Stress is often the most common cause of bruxism, followed by misalignment of the top and lower rows of teeth, known as occlusal discrepancy.ADNFCR-1374-ID-18392258-ADNFCR

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