Greater Manchester MP backs petition for free dental treatment for cancer patients

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The MP for Stretford and Urmston, Kate Green, has backed a petition for free dental treatment for patients diagnosed with cancer.

The petition was launched by Michele Solak, a breast cancer survivor from Flixton, who experienced dental problems while going through chemotherapy treatment. Michele’s petition, which calls for free dental care for cancer patients, received hundreds of thousands of signatures, and it has now been endorsed by her local MP, Ms Green. In the House of Commons, Ms Green asked the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, to take a look at the petition and consider implementing changes.

Michele was diagnosed at the age of 53 following a routine mammogram, and she wasn’t aware of the risk of dental issues related to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Her teeth started to crumble as a result of treatment, and at a time when she was struggling financially due to being unable to work, she couldn’t afford to pay ongoing dental bills. Michele is calling for patients to be granted access to free oral care, but also for improved awareness of the wider side-effects of cancer treatment. Many people know about the nausea, sickness and hair loss, but most are unaware of an elevated risk of dental issues.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Ms Green asked Mr Hancock to give the petition due care and attention after he outlined plans to focus on prevention and integrated care in a speech on Tuesday 28th January. Mr Hancock confirmed that the MP responsible for primary care, Jo Churchill, MP for Bury St Edmunds, would coordinate with Ms Green to discuss bringing oncology and dental care together.

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