Grantham dentist teaches local children to brush up on oral hygiene

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Children at a nursery in Grantham received a visit from the dentist recently. Staff from Malting Dental Practice took a trip to Puddleducks Preschool and Nursery to teach children about brushing their teeth and eating well.

The visit was designed to be both fun and educational, and the kids had a great time pretending to be dentists and patients, playing with giant teeth and brushes and learning all about how they can look after their teeth and gums. The children were also invited to draw pictures and take part in themed colouring-in activities, and the dental team was on hand to answer questions. 

The practice team is keen to work with local nurseries and schools in a bid to try and encourage good habits from an early age and show children that going to the dentist can be really fun. The kids enjoyed the informal session, they had a wonderful time getting to know the dental staff, and they really embraced the fancy dress and role play element of the visit. 

Tooth decay is currently the most common cause of childhood hospital admissions in the UK, with hundreds of extractions carried out under general anaesthetic every week. Decay is almost always preventable, and initiatives like visits to schools and nurseries can make a huge difference to standards of oral health by educating children about oral hygiene and encouraging them to make positive choices from an early age.

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