Government green paper to support oral health

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We’ve already seen the government take drastic action against sugar by banning the sale of fizzy drinks to anyone under 16. 

But, among other things, under the new green paper proposal this levy could be extended to those containing milk. 

It’s now up to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to decide whether or not to back the green paper that was initially drafted before the departure of previous leader Theresa May.

So, what else is included in the green paper? Well, it also proposes extending schemes for teachers to help young pupils to brush their teeth, and plans for increasing fluoridation in water. Tooth decay is the most common oral disease in young children, so, with adequate education and backing from the government, the hope is that this can be dramatically decreased.

More screening, emphasis on children’s oral health and sugar and obesity are all tackled in the paper, suggesting ways in which the government can work with dentists to ensure the people of Britain are on the path to a happier, healthier lifestyle. 

The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry welcome the green paper, in a statement they said, “This green paper represents a massive and welcome change in emphasis… Investing in oral health prevention instead of spending millions of pounds on the management of dental decay is the smart way forward and an approach we hope the prime minister will fully support.”

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