Government Dental Insurance for U.S. Kids

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.In 2006, about 30% of children and adolescents in the U.S. were covered by government-sponsored dental insurance, compared to 18% in 1996. Private dental coverage remained the same during that period of time. The increase in government-supported dental insurance coverage began in 1997, when dental coverage was added to the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Hispanic and African American child and adolescent enrolment significantly increased by 48% and 35%, respectively, for Government dental insurance. Caucasian children and adolescents had lower Government dental insurance than African Americans and Hispanics. However, their enrolment increased form 10-20%, because of expanded coverage. In 1996, 29% of children in the U.S. did not have any dental coverage, but this number decreased to 19% in 2006.

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