Government confirms university dental places cap to be lifted

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The government has confirmed that a cap on the number of dental places available at universities has been lifted following the publication of A Level results.

In light of changes to the marking system, a large number of students now have the required grades to study dentistry at university, but under existing guidelines, there would have been a shortage of places on courses starting in September. Now, to accommodate those who have the necessary grades, the cap on dental places has been lifted. The same rules apply to medicine, teaching courses and veterinary programmes. 

Universities will be provided with additional funding to enable more students to study, with courses deemed critical to the country’s economy and social requirements, including STEM, teaching, medicine and dentistry and nursing, given priority. 

Universities minister, Michelle Donelan, said that the Coronavirus crisis has highlighted the importance and value of healthcare professionals and the need to invest in them more than ever before. Removing existing caps on certain courses will enable universities to train the doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, vets and teachers of the future with the help of additional funding provided by the government. 

The news will be welcomed by many students who feared that they would miss out on their chosen degree programme this year as a result of a shortage of available offers. The move comes in the aftermath of a U-turn on results following an outcry from students, opposition parties and teaching unions. 

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