Go Sober for October and Improve Your Smile

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There are numerous risks associated with drinking alcohol and the implications of drinking heavily over prolonged periods of time can be severe. This October, why not go sober and see how giving up could benefit your health? Cutting down on alcohol won’t just save money and give your health a boost, it can also make your smile brighter and reduce your risk of dental diseases.

Oral health benefits of going sober for October

It’s commonly known that drinking alcohol affects the liver and increases the risk of serious illness, but did you know that alcohol is also harmful to your teeth? Alcohol causes your body to become dehydrated, increasing your risk of dry mouth. Many alcoholic drinks also contain a lot of sugar, which contributes massively to tooth decay and gum disease.

By cutting down on alcohol, you can improve your smile’s appearance and reduce your risk of dental diseases. Alcoholic drinks are often acidic or sugary and this contributes to acid erosion of the protective enamel layer of the teeth. Enamel is an incredibly hard substance, but once it gets worn it is impossible to replace and bacteria can penetrate the surface, increasing the risk of dental infections and cavities. Bacteria also produce acids when they feed and these irritate the gums, resulting in symptoms of gum disease.

Alcoholic drinks can also stain the teeth. Wine, dark ale and mixers can all cause the teeth to lose their glossy white lustre.

Tips for going sober this October

October is a good month for going sober because the autumn weather makes going out less appealing and may people prefer to stay in and keep warm.  If you’re planning to go sober for October, try to avoid organising social events that revolve around drinking. Instead, stick to non-drinking activities such as going to the cinema, playing sport or simply having a movie night at home.

It’s a good idea to keep a record of how much you would spend on alcohol in a normal month and set the money aside each time you avoid drinking. For example, if you would normally spend £50 on a night out and decide to stay in, put that money aside and count it all up at the end of the month to see how much you’d save.

Another interesting way to help you go sober is to do some research into the effects of drinking alcohol. This will make you more aware of the benefits of cutting down.

It might be worth trying out some new hobbies or sports, or devoting time to old interests that had fallen by the wayside. This will give you a distraction if you feel the urge to go out or have a drink.



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