Glasgow dental clinic reports increase in demand for cosmetic treatment during the pandemic

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A dental clinic in Glasgow has reported a surge in demand for cosmetic dentistry during the pandemic.

Since practices have been open again, patients have been flocking to Shawlands Dental Care, one of the city’s largest dental clinics. Dentist, Dr Haroon Ismail, explained that many people have found themselves with more disposable income as a result of cancelling social plans and staying at home during lockdown and some have become more conscious of their appearance due to an increase in the use of video calls and Zoom meetings.

Dr Ismail also suggested that some patients have been working on their looks during lockdown and they are looking forward to showing off a new look when they reunite with friends and family in the weeks ahead. Home workouts have become more popular, people have been buying more skincare products and the demand for dental treatment has also increased.

The Office for National Statistics revealed that spending on dental care had tripled during the most recent lockdown.
Dr Arfan Ahmed, a colleague of Dr Ismail, said that he has seen more patients looking into treatment options, such as dental implants.

One patient who had already had one implant decided to have another tooth treated as a result of earning a bonus for working in a supermarket during the lockdown. Some people have got more money to spend on dental services after being at home for long periods and many patients also have more flexibility in terms of being able to attend appointments and undergo treatment as a result of working from home.

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