General Dental Council Issues Reminder Over Illegal Tooth Whitening Redditch Beautician is Prosecuted

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The General Dental Council has issued another reminder to the public over illegal tooth whitening after a beautician from Redditch was prosecuted for providing treatment without the relevant qualifications.

Sally Commander, who offered whitening treatment at Imogen’s Hair and Beauty in Birchfield Road, Redditch, was recently taken to court by the GDC. She provided treatment for two clients without the relevant dental qualifications and GCD registration.

Under current legislation, which states that whitening treatment is a dental service, anyone who offers whitening treatment should be a qualified dentist who is registered with the GDC and therefore fit to practice in the UK.

In court in Worcestershire, Ms Commander was told to pay compensation worth £100 to each client in addition to £2,000 to the GDC to cover legal costs. She was also given a three year conditional discharge.

The GDC’s head of illegal practice, Francesca Keen, said that the verdict should act as a warning to non-dentists who are thinking of offering whitening treatment. Receiving dental treatment from somebody who has no dental expertise carries risks and the advice from the GDC is always to consult a dentist if you are interested in whitening treatment. Although offers at beauty salons and shopping centres may be very appealing due to the lower cost, these practices are illegal and the quality of treatment is likely to be much lower.

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