General Dental Council appeals for volunteers

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The General Dental Council has appealed for volunteers from Derbyshire to join the advisory panel.

The GDC is appealing for all dental professionals, including dentists, dental nurses, dental therapists, hygienists and dental technicians to consider applying for the voluntary position, which will allow them to fulfil an important role in the dental industry. Panellists are required to sit in on advisory hearings and help to decide whether a dental professional should face disciplinary action. The GDC conducts several trials and volunteers will be required to make a judgement on the individual’s future based on the evidence brought forward at hearings and trials.

Alison Lockyer, chairman of the GDC, encouraged all dental professionals to consider applying for the position. The closing date for the panel is the 3rd September and potential candidates can consult the GDC website for further details about the application process.

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