Geenral Dental Council Urges Patients To Check Their Dentist Is Registered

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The GDC is encouraging patients to check that their dentist is registered. It is a legal requirement, all dentists, dental nurses, technicians, dental therapists and hygienists are required to register with the GDC in order to practise in the UK.

Patients can check that their dentist is registered by visiting the General Dental Council’s website and entering their dentist’s name, town, postcode or GDC registration number.

The GDC has also encouraged dental professionals to use a new logo, which confirms that they are on the GDC register.

Anyone who practises without being on the GDC register faces disciplinary action.

The GDC register is designed to protect members of the public and ensure high standards of care. Dental professionals are required to pay an annual registration fee in order to keep their name on the register.

If a patient finds that their dentist is not registered, they are advised to contact the GDC.

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