GDC warns Dentists to keep Equipment up to date

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The General Dental Council has issued a warning to dentists to keep their equipment up to date.

The GDC has advised dentists to ensure that all their dental equipment is up to date to avoid breaking the law. The warnings have come after a number of disciplinary hearings have arisen, as a result of failure to maintain equipment and keep written records relating to maintenance work. The organisation is now reminding dentists of the legal requirements to try and reduce the number of professionals facing disciplinary action.

Regulations are in place to ensure that the equipment used in dental practices is up to date, safe and effective. If dentists fail to maintain their equipment or they do not have the relevant paperwork in place, this may result in disciplinary proceedings. If a part breaks, there must be paperwork to confirm that the instrument or device has been fixed using the correct parts.

The British Dental Trade Association has also warned dentists against DIY repair work, as although many dentists have the necessary skills and knowledge to repair damaged instruments and parts, they do not have legal responsibility to repair equipment.


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