GDC Sues Wakefield Beautician for Illegal Teeth Whitening Treatment

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The General Dental Council has sued a beautician from Wakefield after she offered illegal teeth whitening treatment.

Janine Gilchrist admitted to providing dental treatment unlawfully at the Bohemia and Sisters salon in Kitkgate, Wakefield, in March this year.

The GDC decided to take legal action after it was confirmed that Ms Gilchrist has ignored two warning letters encouraging her to cease offering the service at her salon.

In court on Thursday, 9th June, Ms Gilchrist pleaded guilty to the charges. She was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to contribute £260 to the GDC’s legal fees along with a victim surcharge of £15.

Head of illegal practice at the GDC, Francesca Keen, said that hopefully the sentence will discourage other people from offering illegal teeth whitening treatment. Whitening is a dental service and therefore it should only be provided by qualified dentists registered with the GDC. Anyone who offers treatment without the relevant expertise or documentation is liable for legal action.

Ms Keen also advised anyone considering whitening treatment to make sure they visit a dentist. Whitening services should not be available at beauty salons or shopping centres. If you have any doubts, check the GDC register before having treatment.

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