Friends of snooker legend Higgins campaign for money for vital op

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Friends of Alex Higgins, former snooker world champion, are campaigning and fundraising in order to raise money for a potentially life-saving operation.

Higgins, now 61, has battled throat cancer for many years and has lost his teeth as a consequence of radiotherapy. Friends say he now lives on a diet of baby food and is struggling to put on weight, having fallen to just six stone during his fight against cancer.

Friends and former colleagues are worried about Alex Higgins and are trying to raise enough money for him to have dental implants fitted; this will enable him to eat normally and will dramatically improve his quality of life. Higgins’ former personal assistant and close friend Will Robinson is leading the fundraising efforts and urged people to get behind the former champion; Robinson said that without the operation, Higgins could be facing death.

A fundraising dinner took place in Manchester last night; the aim of the event was to raise awareness of the illness and the importance of getting new dental implants and it is believed snooker legends John Virgo and Jimmy White were in attendance; Alex Higgins was also there.

Will Robinson is hoping that fans and former colleagues will donate generously and remember what ‘Hurricane’ Higgins brought to the world of snooker; he hopes for a dramatic change of fortune for the former star, who according to friends, has been living in a small flat in Belfast and surviving on baby food for many years. Despite a brief return to the Crucible for a legends event earlier this month, it is clear that Higgins is in an increasingly desperate situation and his health is deteriorating; friends hope this operation will save his life and help restore him to his former, vibrant and bubbly self. 



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