Free mouth cancer screenings offered at annual walk

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Members of the public were offered free screenings to assess mouth cancer by the Mouth Cancer Foundation at their annual Mouth Cancer 10k Awareness Walk on the 18th of September.

Over one hundred and thirty people were screened, with only six people referred to see a specialist. The number resulted in it being the largest total of participants of the screening in the walks five-year history. The screenings were carried out by a specialist team, which was provided by King’s College London and the Department of Community Special Care Dentistry. The team was led by members of the Oral Medicine Department of the Eastman Dental Institute.

Dr. Joshi, founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation, was quoted as saying; ‘A common story many mouth cancer patients can relate to is that they were diagnosed late. Early diagnosis dramatically increases survival rates.’ Dr. Joshi then continued, ‘There are many particularly obvious signs and symptoms mouth cancer patients have which are often overlooked by GPs and GDPs because of their lack of awareness of the disease. The public needs to be aware of mouth cancer, too. The screening our specialist team provides at the Walk is something all dentists should be doing daily.’

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