Former Reality TV Star Fined £11,000 for Carrying Out Illegal Teeth Whitening Treatments

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Former reality TV star Chelsey Harwood has been fined over £11,000 after a court found her guilty of providing teeth whitening illegally, highlighting the seriousness the General Dental Council takes the offence.

Harwood, 30, offered a mobile low-cost cosmetic dentistry service called “Teeth Whitening By Chelsey”, which supplied home whitening trays for the patient to administer themselves. She believed that legally she was acting as a demonstrator and therefore was not practising illegal dentistry

However, a court has ruled that advising the patient how to apply the whitening kit was ruled by the GDC to be giving advice or attendance that would ordinarily be given by a dental professional.

Harwood was caught after an exposé by the Liverpool Echo in January reported that she was offering the service, then she was caught offering the service to two undercover investigators working for the GDC, investigators she then argued with once they revealed and cautioned Harwood.

She failed to appear in court and was found guilty in her absence, ultimately being fined over £11,000.

This case has proven to once again raise the profile of illegal teeth whitening, and the GDC’s approach to tacking the issue of illegal teeth whitening. The GDC have solidified their position that whilst selling the equipment is legal without GDC certification, applying it or giving advice on how to apply it are illegal.

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