Former Bake Off Contestant Promotes Good Oral Health on New Channel 4 Show

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A former Great British Bake Off contestant has launched a new series on Channel 4, tackling common health issues. Dr Tamal Ray, who reached the final of last year’s show, is hosting a new series that encourages people to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr Ray, who is joined by co-presenter Kate Quilton on the show, covered oral health in the first of the series, which aims to debunk some of the most common health-related myths out there. The show, Be Your Own Doctor, urges viewers to take responsibility for their health and make choices that will help to reduce their risk of serious health issues.

In last night’s episode (24th October), Dr Ray and the team looked into the importance of good dental hygiene. The TV baker, who combined studying for exams with coming up for ideas for spectacular showstoppers, put his own brushing skills to the test. After filming, Tamal admitted that he wash shocked at the results of brushing analysis. He always thought he was very diligent about cleaning his teeth, but tests showed that he was falling short. The message he wanted to get out here is even if you think you’re doing enough to protect your teeth, you probably aren’t. During the same episode, co-host Kate delved into the world of celebrity whitening and investigated the craze of coconut oil pulling.

The show airs on Channel 4 on Mondays at 8:30pm.

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