Flintshire patients urged to get in touch with their dentist for emergency assistance

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Health bosses in Flintshire are encouraging patients to get in touch with their dentist if they need urgent assistance.

The vast majority of dental clinics in the UK are closed at the moment, but patients can access urgent care through a network of emergency hubs that have been set up in the last few months. Appointments are available on weekdays and weekends, and patients who have severe dental issues can contact their regular dentist to get a referral.

Dentists in Flintshire are offering advice and prescribing medication online and via the phone, and they’re also triaging patients over the telephone to determine whether they need an urgent dental appointment. If an individual has suffered dental trauma, or they’re in agony due to an abscess, for example, dentists can refer them to a local urgent care centre for treatment.

With the bank holiday approaching, dentists are also keen to point out that services will be operating and patients can access care at Deeside Community Hospital.

For anyone who needs help and doesn’t currently have a dentist, NHS 111 can provide advice and guidance. NHS 11 is providing the same triage service as high street dentists for patients who don’t have a dentist and for those who need assistance outside of normal practice working hours. 

The message from health bosses is to seek help. There have been reports of DIY dentistry and patients suffering at home. Emergency services are running, and dentists are also on hand to provide advice and to prescribe medication, for example, pain relief and antibiotics, while clinics are shut.

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