Five year old girl loses eight teeth to decay

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A five year old girl has had eight teeth extracted as a result of extensive tooth decay. Kaitlyn, a happy-go-lucky, normal five year old girl is just one of the patients that have received treatment at the Alder Hay dental department.

Kaitlyn had such extensive tooth decay that she needed eight molars removing; because she was so young, she had the operation under general anaesthetic and had to stay in hospital for a period of time after the procedure.

Kaitlyn’s mother blamed her love of sugary foods and tomato ketchup for the decay and this is a trend that is becoming increasingly common; decay is now one of the most common childhood illnesses and a poor diet that is high in acidic and sugary foods is usually cited as the main cause. Dental surgeon, Dr Rod Llewelyn, confirmed this, saying that children are simply consuming too much sugar; they eat far too many foods, including biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks, that contain a lot of sugar.

Sugary foods need to be moderated because they temporarily weaken the enamel surface of the teeth; this surface serves to protect the rest of the tooth and the tooth becomes more vulnerable to decay. Dentists are urging parents to take more control of their children’s diets and set a good example by eating a healthy diet themselves; it is not necessary to ban sweet foods, but they should be moderated carefully and eaten as a treat rather than an integral part of the diet. Parents are encouraged to replace sweet treats with fruits and healthy snacks; this will contribute to better general health as these foods are high in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as improved dental health.

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