Farnham councillor calls for urgent improvements to local dental services

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Andy Tree, from Hampshire County Council, is calling for urgent improvements for local dental services.

Mr Tree is particularly concerned about access to NHS dental services in Whitehill, Bordon and Lindford. As a patient who has been on a waiting list for an NHS dentist for six months, Cllr Tree said that he is well aware that people are struggling to get the treatment they need.

Local people are contacting him to share tales and online social media groups are discussing the issue with growing frequency.

Cllr Tree said that he has called all the practices in the local area. While none are accepting NHS patients and asking residents to join a waiting list, private appointments are available immediately.

The options for patients, Mr Tree said, were now choosing between paying for private dental care and waiting for months to see an NHS dentist, which puts them at risk of developing more complex or serious dental issues.

Cllr Tree is calling for urgent action to improve access to NHS dental services to prevent patients from being in pain and to reduce the risks of them developing severe dental problems, which will increase NHS costs in the future.
Cllr Tree has contacted NHS England and NHS Dental Services and is awaiting a response.

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