Family Members and Patients Alike Celebrate Life of Respected Dentist

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Loved ones, friends and patients have all paid tribute to Ramesh Shah, a Kenya-born dentist who enjoyed a decorated career that spanned over 40 years in Clacton. Dr Shah was holidaying in East Africa last month when he tragically suffered a fatal heart attack.

Dr Shah’s dental education took him from Mumbai University in India, where he graduated as a dental surgeon, to England in 1973, where he underwent his qualifications to practice in the UK.

After gaining experience at Clacton-based Jackson Road and St Osyth Road, he then founded the Dental Implant Academy at Old Road, where he continued to work as an implantologist in later life.

As one of ten siblings, Dr Shah was deeply invested in his family and the community; serving as the family tennis coach for his grandchildren, as well as a member of the local cricket and golf clubs. He even organised regular curry nights for the East Anglian Indian Association, where he also operated as chairman for many years.

His wife, Mrs Shah, and their three daughters, Dipa, Rupa and Bansi, said of their father:

“Ramesh practised dentistry with pride and diligence, cared dearly for his patients and all those who worked with him, treating life with good humour and respect.

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