Experts warn against sugar content of fruit smoothies

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Experts have warned the public about the high sugar content in fruit smoothies.

The warning comes in the light of a recent survey, which revealed that most people had no idea that drinking fruit smoothies on a regular basis could cause oral health problems. The survey, which involved more than a thousand participants, showed that more than 50 percent of people did not realise that eating and drinking sugary foods and drinks has a negative impact on dental health.

Fruit juices and smoothies have become extremely popular in recent years, with many people relying on them to bolster their daily fruit and vegetable intake; however, most smoothies contain a large amount of sugar and this can contribute to decay and gum disease. Foods and drinks that are high in sugar increase the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth and encourage the formation of plaque; the plaque clings to the surfaces of the teeth and the bacteria produce dangerous plaque acids, which weaken the protective enamel surfaces of the teeth.

The survey was carried out as part of National Smile Month, a campaign which is being sponsored by Oral B in conjunction with the British Dental Health Foundation. The results of the survey also showed that men know less about oral health than women and people aged over 60 are less likely to understand the impact of diet on oral health.

Experts from the British Dental Health Foundation have urged people to consider their diet more carefully; Dr Niger Carter from BDHF said that the results were shocking and more needed to be done to teach people about the relationship between eating certain foods and poor oral health. It is hoped that National Smile Month will help to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health and encourage people to keep an eye on their diet and oral hygiene routine.

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