Exmouth Dental Technician on Hand to Help With Troublesome Dentures

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A dental technician is calling for anyone who has troublesome or painful dentures to get in touch. Rob Gosling, clinical dental technician at Select Dental, said that there has been a significant increase in demand for advice and information about dentures in the last couple of years.

Almost 4 million people in the UK wear dentures, and research suggests that many have struggles including soreness and poorly-fitted dentures. In light of this information, Rob is eager to provide those who are having difficulties with their dentures with an effective solution.

Rob has developed the Palette Advanced Denture System, which is designed to create perfectly fitted, natural looking dentures. Each tooth is handmade and the teeth are located in the best possible position to facilitate effective tooth function and enhance facial aesthetics.

Ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures can make life miserable. They don’t work as effectively as they should, which may affect your ability to chew food, and they may cause soreness and irritation. With modern, custom-made dentures, Select Dental is aiming to banish denture woes and ensure patients have attractive and functional smiles.

Dentures are commonly associated with older people, but they can also be a more affordable alternative to dental implants for younger people.

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