Exmouth dental student to travel to Africa to support Dentaid charity projects

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A student dental nurse from Exmouth is preparing to travel to Africa with her sister, a qualified dental nurse, to support charity projects run by Dentaid.

Daisy Turner, a student nurse at Victoria Road Practice and her sister, Mollie, a dental nurse at Fairfield Dental, are due to travel to Uganda to be part of a team of volunteers that will provide preventative dental care and urgent relief for oral pain.

Daisy admitted that she’s really excited about the trip, and said that taking part in a charity programme is something she’s always wanted to do. Daisy said going to Africa was a dream, which has been made all the more special by having her sister, Mollie, by her side.

Daisy is hoping to return from Africa with a “new lease of life” and she hopes that her skills and knowledge will have a positive impact on communities that have no access to even the most basic dental services.

Practice manager, Shelley Poole, described the trip as a “wonderful experience” for a student and said that the adventure will give Daisy a “sense of enormous wellbeing.”

The sisters have been fundraising for several months, and Daisy is now less than £260 off her target of £2,250. As well as collecting cash donations to put towards her flights, Daisy has also appealed to colleagues and patients for any spare supplies, such as toothbrushes, which she will take out to Africa with her.

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