Eight Year Old Girl Sends Tooth to Dentist After Mistaking Him for Tooth Fairy

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An eight-year old girl sent her dentist her tooth and a very sweet letter after mistaking him for the Tooth Fairy.

Eight-year old Arwa posted a handwritten note and a homemade envelope containing her tooth to dentist Riad Ali at Restore Dental Group. Addressing him as ‘Dear Sir’, she politely asked if he would accept the tooth in exchange for a small gift. She had enclosed the tooth in a special envelope, which was labelled ‘Arwa’s tooth’.

Mr Ali, the owner of the St Mellons practice, said that the letter “made his day” and he was very touched that the Arwa envisioned him as the famous mythical money-giver. The letter was taken to him by the practice’s clinical manager and it had soon done the rounds, as everyone was desperate to hear about it and read it for themselves.

Riad and his team are now looking for a present to send to Arwa and they plan to ask her to send updates in the future. It’s not every day you get mistaken for the Tooth Fairy, and it brought a smile to Riad’s face.



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