Edinburgh dental practices resume routine services

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Dental practices in Edinburgh have been welcoming patients back for routine dental services.

Patients at city centre clinics, including Earl Grey Dental Practice and Gilmore Dental, can now book routine appointments, as lockdown measures are eased further in Scotland. For the last four months, the practices, which are part of Clyde Munro Dental Group, have only been open to patients requiring urgent dental care. 

Clinical director at the Clyde Munro Group, Dr Jacqui Frederick, said that the entire team of staff has worked incredibly hard to get to a point where clinics are able to offer general dentistry in a safe environment. Dentists have been waiting to welcome patients who don’t need urgent treatment back for weeks, and the recent announcement made by Scotland’s chief dental officer was met with excitement. All practices are continuing to follow strict regulations to protect staff and patients and everyone is looking forward to seeing familiar faces in the weeks ahead. 

While non-emergency appointments have resumed in Scotland, Dr Frederick urged patients to wait to try and arrange check-ups, as dental teams are currently trying to rearrange cancelled appointments to provide services for patients who have had treatment delayed or postponed as a result of lockdown. Practices will be trying to clear backlogs as quickly as possible so that services like routine check-ups will be available sooner rather than later. 

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