Eating Cheese May Have Oral Health Benefits

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Dairy products in our diet have long been seen as a good product to maintain healthy strong bones. Drinking milk, eating cheese and butter may now be beneficial in protecting the teeth’s oral health.

A study has been carried out by the academy of general dentistry who found that research carried out seemed to prove that dairy products s could stop harmful cavities from forming.

Tooth erosion is increased if the pH balance falls lower than 5.5 as this starts to attach the tooth’s natural tooth enamel. If the pH balance goes above 5.5 this then lowers the chance of developing cavities. The higher the pH balance the lower the chance of developing erosion and cavities.

The research carried out looked at the pH balance of a group of people consuming milk, yoghurt and cheese. The people that had the milk and yoghurt had no change to the pH balance, but those that had cheese had a very fast increase in PH balance. This is due to the fact that there is more saliva produced to deal with the acidity within the mouth. Ingredients within the cheese can stop acid attacking the enamel and reduce acidity within the mouth.

Therefore, although dairy products are beneficial for healthy teeth and bones, it has been found that only cheese is able to heighten the pH in the mouth and stop enamel attacks and tooth cavities forming.


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