Eating Cheese Could Be Key To Healthy Teeth

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A new study has suggested that consuming cheese can help to fight off cavities.

The study, which was lead by Indian researcher, Vipul Yadav, claims that eating cheese can help to reduce the risk of cavities.

During the study, 68 participants aged between 12 and 15 years old were examined and the study authors analysed the pH of the dental plaque in their mouths before and after they ate cheese and yoghurts and drank milk; the yoghurt used in the trial was sugar-free.

If the pH level is lower than 5.5, there is an increased risk of acid erosion, which damages the protective enamel surface of the teeth; if the pH level is above 5.5 the risk of acid erosion is lower.

The participants were divided into groups and asked to eat cheese, sugar-free yoghurt and milk; after eating or drinking, the pH level was recorded. Each participant was asked to eat or drink for three minutes and then swill their mouth with water; the pH levels were then measure 10, 20 and 30 minutes later.

Study authors found that there was no change in pH level after eating yoghurt and drinking milk, but pH levels rose significantly after eating cheese; the levels increased at every time interval, suggesting that eating cheese can help to stave off decay.

The authors suggested that eating cheese may help to reduce the risk of cavities as a result of increased saliva production in the mouth, which helps to neutralise acid in the mouth. The study has been published in the General Dentistry journal.

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