East Lancashire Residents Urged To Sign Up With Their Local Dentist

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Residents in East Lancashire have been urged to sign up with their local dental practice after a survey revealed that almost half of people living in certain areas of the region are not registered with a dentist.

A health questionnaire carried out by Blackburn with Darwen Local Involvement Network revealed that only 56 per cent of people in Darwen are registered with a dentist. The research was conducted after it was revealed that the average child living in the borough has at least two decayed teeth by the age of five.

Representatives from the Blackburn with Darwen Primary Care Trust said that it was worrying that so many people are not registered with a dentist. To try and encourage more people to use the NHS services available to them, the trust is using the ‘Stop the Rot’ campaign, which is designed to promote regular check-ups.

In addition to the campaign, NHS Blackburn with Darwen is also stepping up the effort to inform people about NHS services in the area; there are dental places available at many practices in the region, but many people simply assume that their local practice will not be taking on new patients.

Councillor Roy Davies, who is also vice-chairman of the Health Scrutiny Committee, said that people are not aware that there are places available and many are put off by the charges, which he described as “ridiculous.”

Figures for other areas of Lancashire were significantly higher, with 92 per cent of people in North West Blackburn registered with a dentist.


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