East Grinstead Dentist Welcomes Chernobyl Children to His Practice for Free Checks

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East Grinstead dentist Jas Sandhu welcomed a group of children from Chernobyl into his practice on July 21st as part of a charity project organised by Chernobyl Children’s Life Line.

Jas welcomed a group of ten children to High Street Dental Practice and his team provided free dental checks along with a host of fun-filled activities and delicious afternoon tea.

The children, who were around 11 years old, do not have access to routine dental treatment at home. As a result, for most of them it was the first time they had ever seen a dentist. The practice enlisted the help of balloon modeller and entertainer Jo Roman to ease any nerves and provide some fun for the children while they were waiting to see the dentist.

This is the third year the practice has worked with Chernobyl charities to enable youngsters visiting the UK to access dental care.

Speaking about the event, Jas said it was always a pleasure to welcome the children to the practice and provide them with the basic dental care they lack at home. The children have a poor diet dominated by processed foods and many have limited knowledge about oral hygiene. Few children in the area have access to dental care, so oral health standards are generally low. Bringing the children on holiday gives them a chance to see a different country, enjoy themselves, experience a different culture and take part in fun activities as well as allowing them to undergo some basic health checks.


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