East Grinstead Dentist Provides Treatment For Children From Chernobyl

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A dentist from East Grinstead welcomed children from Chernobyl last week, to provide dental treatment free of charge.

Jaspal Sandhu and the team at High Street Dental Practice welcomed a group of children as part of an annual visit organised by The Friends of Chernobyl.

The team and Jaspal offered children free dental check-ups and emergency dental treatment last Thursday afternoon.

Jaspal said that he was very happy to welcome the children to the practice and to give them much-needed dental care. The lives of the children visiting from Belarus are completely different to those of the children the team usually treats and he said it was a pleasure to be able to help.

Children visiting from Chernobyl stayed with host families across Sussex for a period of 3 weeks and took part in a number of activities organised and supported by local businesses. The charity organises a trip every summer, as the children are encouraged to leave the area to escape high levels of radiation, which could contribute to health problems. The trip to England is a means of experiencing a new culture and a new country, having fun, trying new things and meeting new people.

Jaspal Sandhu said that everyone at the practice had been humbled by the experience of meeting the children, many of whom had already been through so much in their lives. He said that many of the children were very nervous about having dental treatment because in Belarus they do not use pain relief and the children associate the dental chair with pain.

After they had finished treating the children, the team took time to chat to the kids and they offered sweets and provided face paints for them to enjoy.

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