East Grinstead Dental Team Prepares to Bring Smiles to Morocco

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A dental team from East Grinstead is preparing to travel out to Morocco to provide dental treatment for the Berber tribe. The team will be setting off at the end of February and travelling to the north of the country.

Five members of the team from the High Street Dental Practice (three dental nurses and two dentists) will be making the trip as part of a project organised by Dental Mavericks. The charity was set up by well-known High Street dentist Jaspal Sandhu, who has been visiting Morocco to provide dental treatment for more than five years.

The team will be staying in Kilea and the aim will be to treat as many people as possible. Children will be the main focus but adult treatment will also be available. The team is hoping to treat around 500 people during the course of their time in the village.

Mr Sandhu said that this will be the first time he has taken a team of his own staff out to Morocco and he is looking forward to them experiencing the challenge and getting to know the local people. Standards of dental health are poor in the region and children tend to have a high sugar diet, meaning that many suffer with tooth decay and severe pain. There are hardly any dentists in the area and most children will be seeing a dental professional for the first time when the team touches down at the end of next month.

Depending on how the trip goes, Mr Sandhu has plans to make the team trip to Morocco an annual event.

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