Dunmurry Dentist Signs Up For Uganda Charity Trip

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A dentist is preparing to head to Uganda next year after signing up for a charity trip organised by Dentaid.

Aisling Byers from Dunmurry Dental Practice will fly to Uganda next March with Dentaid. She will be part of a team of volunteers providing dental care in rural communities that have no access to routine dental treatment.

Aisling will spend two weeks in Uganda and the team will be providing a range of basic dental services, including routine checks, fillings, extractions and hygiene treatments, as well as administering pain relief and educating people about issues linked to oral health.

The vast majority of people living in the areas the team plan to visit will have never seen a dentist before. Many will have experienced months, even years of dental pain, as even the most basic treatment is very difficult to access. In the UK, we take going to the dentist for granted but in Uganda, the story is very different.

Aisling and the rest of the team are hoping to see around 100 patients every day. Although she knows that the trip will be hard work, she is looking forward to it and expects it to be hugely rewarding. Aisling has already visited Kenya, but this will be the first time she has volunteered with Dentaid.

Aisling is now working hard to raise money for the trip and provide supplies and equipment. There are collection boxes dotted around the surgery.


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