Drug developed to reduce dental dribble

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A newly-developed drug could appeal to cosmetic dentistry patients, it has been revealed.

The New York Times reported that OraVerse, created by Novalar Pharmaceuticals in San Diego, can undo the effects of local dental anaesthetic.

Claimed to cut the time it takes to regain full sensation in the mouth by up to half, the drug could equal less dribbling, slurring and tongue-biting following a trip to the dentist.

Dr Athena Papas, an adviser to the firm and investigator in the drug’s clinical trials, claimed it could really appeal to cosmetic dentistry patients "who like to look good when they leave the dentist’s office".

She added that it would also benefit children as they "tend to chew on their mouth when it’s numb".

Novalar Pharmaceuticals has claimed that both consumers and dentists have shown a great deal of interest in the drug so far.

Research by American Express Insurance Services found that 26 per cent of British adults are too busy to book themselves an appointment with the dentist.ADNFCR-1374-ID-18588737-ADNFCR

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