Dr Who’s Sidekick reveals how she got the Smile Factor

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Dr Who’s famous sidekick, Karen Gillan, who plays character, Amy Pond, has revealed how she has the Smile Factor, but unlike most celebrities who are now opting for professional cosmetic dental treatment, Gillan revealed that her secret weapon was in fact an electric toothbrush.

The Scottish actress revealed that she used to be conscious of her smile, which were discoloured and she described as ‘Yellowstone Park’. However, she received an electric toothbrush for Christmas and claims that this has made a huge difference to her smile and now, she feels much happier about her teeth and is more confident when she smiles.

The Smile Factor is the theme of this year’s National Smile Month, which runs until the 15th June. Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, said that many people are forgetting the basics when it comes to getting a brighter, whiter smile and while whitening treatments are very effective, you can easily enhance your smile just by brushing properly, avoiding smoking and drinking strongly coloured drinks such as coffee and red wine. Like Karen Gillan said, electric toothbrushes can be very effective at removing stains and research shows that they remove more plaque and bacteria from the mouth making them very beneficial for achieving good oral health.


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