Dr. Linhart gives Teeth Brushing Advice

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People have their own methods of brushing their teeth. Very often, people rush when they brush, and also brush too harshly. They often use a medium or hard bristle brush that can do more harm than good. Some simple brushing tips and/or modifications of your regular brushing methods can be very advantageous to your mouth health. 
1) When purchasing a new toothbrush, make sure you get one that is comfortable to hold in your hand, has soft nylon bristles, and a small brush head in order to be able the reach those hard to reach places in your mouth.
2) While brushing use gentle pressure and contact your teeth and gum tissue simultaneously, at a 45 degree angle. While keeping this 45 degree angle, brush the outer and inner surfaces of your teeth and gums. You will most likely be brushing two to three teeth at a time. This method will remove food debris, bacteria and plaque more efficiently. Also, the bristles are designed to produce a capillary-like action and will help you get to bacteria and plaque that is slightly below the gum line.  Use a firm, pulsating spherical motion when brushing.
3) The teeth sides toward your tongue and palate require a different motion. Tip the toothbrush vertically down (for the lower teeth) and vertically up (for the upper teeth) and brush using small perpendicular brush strokes. Usually, the top half of the toothbrush head will be the only portion of the brush touching the inner teeth.
4) Brush the flat surfaces of the teeth and the biting surfaces in a shrubbing straight motion; back and forth.
5) Always brush your tongue. Use a straight back to forward movement, scrubbing the upper tongue surface. This will help you to eliminate foul breath.
6) Brush your teeth for at least two to three minutes, and use these suggested techniques of Dr. Jan Linhart; remember to floss!

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