Diabetes sufferers urged to keep an eye on oral health

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A new study has revealed that around 66 percent of diabetic patients have not improved their oral hygiene habits since they were diagnosed with the condition.

The study, which was conducted by dLife and Soundview Research suggests that a significant proportion of diabetics are not keeping any eye on their oral health, despite warnings that diabetics can develop serious health problems as a result of poor oral health. According to researcher, Charles W Martin, oral health has a huge impact on the control of diabetes and diabetic people should therefore brush up on oral hygiene and visit their dentist for regular check-ups.

The research team surveyed 800 diabetics and asked them questions about dental health and their oral hygiene routine; according to the results, 60 percent of participants did not floss or rinse on a daily basis and 62 percent did not believe there was a link between gingivitis and blood sugar levels.

Experts suggest that people with diabetes are more likely to develop oral health problems, including dry mouth, bone loss, tooth loss and decay than those without the condition. In order to promote good general health, dentists advise patients with diabetes to adopt a good daily oral hygiene routine, which includes brushing the teeth twice a day for two minutes each time and using mouthwash and dental floss on a daily basis. It is also advisable for diabetic patients to arrange to see their dentist for a check-up every six months.

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